I forgot to forget

I forgot to forget you To neglect to set you Out of my mind Away from my thoughts I ought To unremember Your voice What choice Do I have, For I shall Never forget you dorothy’s page © 2019 D. E. Young


Love letters

The mail came today haven't heard from you The mail came today hope you'll answer soon It's been a while since we've talked Held hands even walked Seen each other face to face Running this race Without you has been hard, Placed our growth on retard To restart our hearts Our love From above Let's … Continue reading Love letters


To make this clear to you I want to be near to you Image courtesy of Pexels.com Dear to you Here for you Whatever you need Whenever I'll feed The need To be close Like most I'd boast That you are all mine, But in time I'd rewind And do it all over Again dorothy’s … Continue reading Mine


I loved him before I knew my own name I loved him in time And eternity the same he was me before I got here I was him over there now we must unite here as we did in the air I'm you and you're me Inseparable, forever we will be dorothy’s page © 2019 … Continue reading Forever