A Silent Night

Image courtesy of Pexels

Joseph was like,

I don’t know if I might

Take you to wife 

This life

that you carry 

Won’t tarry in my sight

Should I delight

To embrace this child

All the while 

Trying to smile

Pretending not to notice 

You say the Holy Ghost is

the one who did this


Ghost you been with

Psst, I’m out

Deuces, no doubt 

Yo! Hol’up Joe

Yuen know

A virgin from her youth

Ya girl telling the truth 

She’s been favored 

The one to carry the Savior

Into this world

To unfurl 

What the evil once stole

He’ll make whole


And do what’s right

Don’t dis her in the night

Put her away 

As you say

For this day

You have been chosen

So give her your name

You won’t be ashamed 

For I AM to blame 

For His name

Shall be called Wonderful 

Counselor of men, powerful 

Mighty God

Prince of Peace

From the thief

He’ll retrieve 

The soul of mankind 

So never mind 

Cause he’s next in line 

For the throne 

So go home,

Take your spouse

To the house

Peace out

Thank you for reading and following

dorothy’s page © 2021 D. E. Young

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