I Saw A Man

I saw a man the other day Didn't think he was coming my way I weaved a bit, I almost missed Then decided that I should stay Image courtesy of I saw a man the other day I wasn't sure if he'd pay He knew the cost For he's the boss Now I work … Continue reading I Saw A Man

Looming Love

Image courtesy of Love looms over It never really goes away Even if you attempt to forget It confronts with each passing day  time, night time and evening  It ever looms in your head With the heart ever beating  Wishing for you instead  of what's nearest in proximity  For your heart is not in … Continue reading Looming Love

Wonderfully made

He made You in His image No discriminating this Your visage was His doing So don't you ever wish To be like someone else Be other than you are For the Father's insulted  When you dim your own star studded gems we are Yes we shine, we're His best For we are in His image … Continue reading Wonderfully made

Where I Belong

Photo by Tru1ea7n Long on Your heart is my home That is where I belong Why'd it take me so long To proclaim this song This rhythm of my heart I should have known from the start That the Father knows what's best He gives nothing less Than perfected blessed are the pure in … Continue reading Where I Belong