I got your back And you’ve got mine Now that we’re together Everything’s just fine I trust you And you trust me In this confidence Are we made free Together we can conquer All that we face As long as we continue To flow in this place This place of peace, Security and wholeness Nothing … Continue reading Partners


Promise in Waiting

Waiting for the moment Will I know when it is here Am I waiting in vain What I heard, was it clear I don’t know how it will come Or from whom it will begin All I know is, it is coming I just don’t know when So many questions I can’t begin to ask … Continue reading Promise in Waiting

Prepared press

The process of promise Presents a peculiar present Particularly for people With purpose as pets Patience verses persistence Perseverance with pace Peace under pressure Pleasing people without pay The purifying of process Produces what it proclaims Personality when prompted Be it a pleasure or a pain The power of process Proven once prescribed The persuasion … Continue reading Prepared press


What he said Is it true Have you found out Has it happened for you Has he done what he said Regardless of how Has he kept his word Both then and now Can it be true for me As for others before Will it still hold true Today, tomorrow, in 2 and 3 score … Continue reading Proof


Reward that brings joy Relaxation and rest Restoration of resources Riches with recess Recovery of all Redemption reassured Receive what’s returned Reap what’s re-procured None shall revoke The revenue reserved Research the rumors I know you’ve heard Royalty reigns Righteousness revered On real estate rejoice Rejoice, recompense is here dorothy’s page © 2008 Dorothy E. … Continue reading Paid