In your eyes

When I see a person with a form of handicap I turn their minus Into a plus Ignore their deficits Make their positives a must See them For who they are Make light their scars That start Your first impression Let this Be the lesson We're all blessings In disguise So in this be wise … Continue reading In your eyes

Vessels of clay

Life Himself Has given life to me He breathed the breath of life In clay vessels, He Molded by His hands No man yet understands How he put us all Together Whether He used dust from the earth Tears from the sea Minerals from galaxies Or star particles creativity True we're made of Elements from … Continue reading Vessels of clay

Peopling people

I've seen tweets from those who don't like "peopling" And I can feel their blues But don't they understand That they're people who Are also people That others put up with Ones we all have to Listen to come up with Your disdain For the humane That you deem a stain On your brain Too … Continue reading Peopling people

My prayer

Now that you're awake Let's get woke And don't choke On this world's Brokenness Come through With your wokeness No joke this World's scarier Than an unwashed Terrier Dog eat dog Out there, Beware 🌾 Thank you for reading and following dorothy's page dorothy's page © 2019 Dorothy E. Young

Numb3rs up

Numbers numb3ers number5 Age, lbs, size what's the big deal It shouldn't matter anyway It should be how you feel On the inside And not chronologically How much you've weighed, That should never be What you're judged by Or even take into account Who's measuring anyway What's that all about So ignore the numbers Unless … Continue reading Numb3rs up