A Silent Night

Image courtesy of Pexels Joseph was like, I don’t know if I might Take you to wife  This life • that you carry  Won’t tarry in my sight Should I delight • To embrace this child All the while  Trying to smile • Pretending not to notice  You say the Holy Ghost is • the … Continue reading A Silent Night

Spirit Speech

Through Symbols and signs That's how Spirit speaks Words without language The way He reaches me ...and you too He shows us with images Mirrored to our memory Our past that image is Seared in our hearts For He knows where to start Revealing our pain So that we can be healed Restoring our health … Continue reading Spirit Speech

The Paraklet

Without knowing you’re in trouble Or even headed for a fall You need the paraklet To show you the wall Image courtesy of Pexels.com That divides the two kingdoms In which we dwell For only he knows where doors are The portals that tell Us when we're aligned with heaven As the scriptures have described … Continue reading The Paraklet

Third person

Don’t listen to your third person He doesn’t know what he’s saying Have you going this way and that Just a swayin’ To the left and to the right You won’t know which way to go He’ll get you in a jam That you won’t even know If you’re coming or going Your head from … Continue reading Third person

Behind the Vail

The arc of the covenant Our present day hearts Behind the Holies of Holies The Vail torn apart For the Father to Enter in To break down the stoney To relieve it of sin From within us That has tarnished our flow Enter in Holy One Take control Holy Ghost 🌾 Thank you for reading … Continue reading Behind the Vail