Journey on

Continue the journey Once the journey has begun Never stop increasing Your faith as some Have forsaken to assemble themselves As believers We delve Into the cares of life With confusion And strife Alike Aren't we all the same Inside ashamed We fight over The little things That bring a pause To our cause, And … Continue reading Journey on

Fulfilled faith

What does faith look like in the 3 dimensional I mean I've believed for so long What it'd be like to be seen What I've hoped for See it one day come to pass Will I recognize it manifested When I can hold it in hand ? dorothy’spage © 2019 D. E. Young


He comes like a thief In the night Bringing fear, torment And the like ness of a roaring lion He's trying To shake your Faith But for Christ sake Don't shake Image courtesy of Stand Therefore, for what you're standing There for Stand dorothy’spage © 2019 D. E. Young

Faith vs. Reason

Faith vs. reason How’s that a fair fight For reason has to see While faith has not sight Of the present Just what’s promised to be Living by faith Has challenges you see Taste, touch, feel And logic are tools That reason uses So don’t be fooled When faith says don’t trust them For they … Continue reading Faith vs. Reason


You're the God I didn’t start this mess Just walked in my life Saying you gon' bless My going out And my coming in Open the windows of heaven And start pouring in The abundant life And all that is good From what I can see It was understood That you're the God The one … Continue reading Bet