The Lord and I

Image courtesy of Pexels

I give you my heart

When I’m mad take it back

I can’t keep living like this

I just can’t keep doing that

To you or to myself

Keep pulling back and forth

Deciding when not to follow you

When I think that I’m forced

To do something I don’t like

Go somewhere that I detest 

This time I’m letting you drive

This time I’m gonna rest 

From my toiling and labor 

Keep my attitude in check 

I’m determined to trust you now 

And not attempt to make threats

To leave when I’m frustrated 

Mentally pack up my bags

Throw tantrums when I’m angry

Turn away from you when I’m sad

About a task that you’ve given me 

I’ll do it with a good attitude 

Cause if I’ve treated you this way

Will my husband receive this too

No, I’ll serve you with gladness

Submit, and do it with a smile

I’ll practice on you Father 

Until my husband arrives

Thank you for reading and following dorothy’s page © 2021 D. E. Young

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