Middle Matters

The Father knows our beginning, ending and everything in between. abcdefghijkLMNOpqrstuvwxyz From a to z Father you know me From the end your work began To complete what you've started Nothing incomplete-nothing retarded Finish your work in me Finish what you started So that others can see That Your hand is the smartest The wisest … Continue reading Middle Matters

I Forgot to Worry

I've been going through some things lately and couldn't seem to pull myself up out of this funk! But I noticed this morning that I couldn't for the life of me remember the things(s) I've been grappling with! I don't even remember what was keeping me up late at night! How can this be?! Then … Continue reading I Forgot to Worry

Why You Haven’t Found “The One”. . .yet

  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U5SbIoee56g Recently I came across this video on my Twitter feed. I almost overlooked it as I've seen so many of these types of videos that I figured I had heard it all. Well, I was wrong. Dead wrong. I thought that since I couldn't develop long term relationships that I had a fear … Continue reading Why You Haven’t Found “The One”. . .yet

Have I Gone Mad?!

I ain't crazy. Although sometimes I think I am. Something's wrong with that statement. How can the same mind that says, "I ain't crazy" turn around with the same mind, and in the same breath question said sanity? What if you question your sanity Does that make you sane Cause how can you question If … Continue reading Have I Gone Mad?!

I’ve Met My Seinfeld

I think I'm in love with myself! You know, like Jerry Seinfeld? The female Jerry; Jeannie The girlfriend like himself I remember that episode She was Jerry in reverse He fell in love with himself Only she was a girl They had so much in common They even used the same words They'd respond simultaneously … Continue reading I’ve Met My Seinfeld