Ode to the Queen

Today she's laid to rest With flowers and Respect She reigned supreme on stage Always dressed, always decked Out with her gowns and furs As she graced any stage She brought all to their feet Every time she played The mic to R & B, Jazz Gospel or classical tunes Her voice reaching octaves That … Continue reading Ode to the Queen

Miss Understood

Can I say hi without being Accused of being too flirty Glance at the beauty of creation Without it seeming dirty To the other onlookers Who thinks I'm a hooker Trying to steal their man Toss a wrench in their plans Have I said something That you didn't quite understand What you thought you heard … Continue reading Miss Understood

One, Just One

All I want is one. Just one. It seems that every other person I've encountered in my life has had at least one. Even if they had more than one, they held on to the one that they did have for a significant amount of time. But not me. Always with one in mind but … Continue reading One, Just One

I am His

I have come to the realization that knowing whose you are outweighs any other thing in life. Let me explain. I have, in some form or another, had a relationship with God most of my life. He and I have communicated in times past about anything from Christmas toy requests to where to live in … Continue reading I am His

The You-Me

When I'm with you I wonder how I am with you Humble, shy or tru ly bashful or flirty Or otherwise worldly Do I bite my nails Or call my girlfriend and tell How you held my hand When we reached the stand To hear the band on the pier Do I stand erect with … Continue reading The You-Me