Love notes & Mason jars

The heart is a very precious thing. From whence all of life springs forth with tremendous force. It never forces itself. Is not harsh or brassy, always classy. Isn't nasty or sassy. It never seeks it's own, won't leave you alone. Cause its always h💓me. That's where the heart lives. So treasure it, nurture it. … Continue reading Love notes & Mason jars

Happily Blessed

I forgot to be sad I forgot to be depressed Thinking on God's goodness And how He's meet Every need in my life Those said and unspoken too Things I've never thought to ask He's given as proof That he's a good, good Father Doing exceeding abundantly above Much more than I could fathom Is … Continue reading Happily Blessed

Green means Go

Our bodies have purpose It functions as a tool Food's designed to sustain it To act as its fuel For our systems I mean Though it breaks it all down Pulling out the nutrients Excreting toxins in rounds Of number 1's and 2's That's usually how it's done Just between you and me It's not … Continue reading Green means Go

Enter into His courts

Praise him with sounding cymbals Psalms one fifty and five With HIGH cymbals really That'll bring it alive Let rejoicing be heard Praise him in the sanctuary Using more than mere words To give him thanks You can dance before him too Go 'head get your praise on He enjoys that too dorothy’s page © … Continue reading Enter into His courts


I really don't know how Anyone else eats cornbread I don't get too fancy with it Not let it go to my head Coming from the skillet Especially when I'm eatin greens In which case I eat pie It's sweet potato that I feign Don't ask, I don't know why When I want the two … Continue reading Piebread