You have so much to offer You have so much to give If only you could see it Then only you will live To fulfill his plans And purpose for your life Without confusion, envy Jealousy and strife What He has for you No man can take, Steal, mimic Or even imitate You are uniquely … Continue reading See

His Voice

To hear your voice Above the noise To be in position In just the right poise To hear your voice As the way I live As there is no other voice None can give I need to hear your voice To direct my every step To guide me in times of trouble Those times when … Continue reading His Voice


You use words Where images won't fit You get your messages to me And they usually hit Me upside my left brain Sometimes feeling insane I reflect on your word Find solice and then peace For your messages to me Bring everything I need To succeed in this life And in the world to come … Continue reading Messages

Nature of Love

Love Hope's all things Believes all things Love looks for the best And covers the rest Love is patient Love is kind Love never wants To leave one behind dorothy’s page © 2019 Dorothy E. Young

Nice thought

Who's the love of my life The the cream to my coffee The hug of my life My squishy and squashy I only ask Cause it's been a long time I'd like to share my life With a one of a kind Kind of man In this life make plans To see the world our … Continue reading Nice thought