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the lady behind the page

Hello there. I am Dorothy and this is my page, hence dorothy’s page. Clever right? I know. I’m a genius.

Back story – As the second eldest of four girls living in the southern region of the United States, my desire was to succeed, overcome the weight of poverty and pursue my life’s purpose. Purpose and success haunted me constantly. I had never seen success, but I knew I wanted it; needed it.

I imagined it would be fairly easy to obtain. Just go to school, get good grades, graduate then make it through college. Funny thing though, I had no idea what I was going to do to obtain this illusive success. A gymnast, flight attendant, journalist, executive, whatever would yield the most results the fastest. But I never seemed to stick with anything that required patience or endurance. After watching others run up the latter ahead of me, I figured “There has to be a better way. How are they doing this? I have a degree just like they do. What gives?”

One day I was introduced to the word process. I was intrigued. “What is this process you speak of?”, I pondered to myself as I absorbed the wisdom of one of my many teachers in the faith. The moment I heard that seven letter word I knew that it would be the bridge I would have to cross to make it into the land of success. It’s ironic that the word process has seven letters. For seven is the biblical number for perfection or completion. Because success, is a process. How apropos.

I’m not quite sure where the Father wants to take me next, but I’m sure that it will definitely be an adventure. Destiny, here I come!

Thank you for reading and following dorothy’spage as I share the journey to me


32 thoughts on “About me

  1. The paths in life’s travels there are many roads to choose in finding one’s passion one can be bedeviled lacking conformity with notions of normalcy they’ll call you a rebel, still success is in the seeds that you sow hard work will nurture and make it grow.

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      1. Right with ya Sis, right with ya! It’s been a long haul for sure, but I wouldn’t trade any of it! I truly understand what David meant when he said, “it was good for me that I was afflicted, that I might learn thy statutes”

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      2. Sounds like you’re much further along than I am. I understand the purpose behind the pain and I’ve grown. However, I’m not quite ready to appreciate the classroom(s) of affliction just yet. I need a break!

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