Silent Strength

Strength comes in all sizes All shapes and all forms It's not necessarily loud either Sometimes silence is its norm I like that it's like that Cause it can hide in anyone Appearances can be tricky So don't be fooled by some one who may seem docile passive and meek They just might surprise you … Continue reading Silent Strength

Surrounded by Sound

How long can you go without listening to some music everyday? Not long huh? Me either. It's like I need it in the background of my life in order to function from day to day. To me, Music is like chicken soup It just makes you feel better By yourself or in a group Doesn't … Continue reading Surrounded by Sound

Excessive Living

There are many things that make life worth living in my opinion. None of which are material in nature. Sure things are nice to have. But when it comes down to the nitty gritty, they're just that - things. A little or a lot; who's to say How much is too much What it means … Continue reading Excessive Living

Heavenly homes

Being in transition can be challenging. You're not all the way out of the old and you're not quite into the new. Especially when it comes to housing and house hunting. My idea of large, is small and quaint. But, I do like to see what He thinks. I mean if He were looking for … Continue reading Heavenly homes

Eternally Yours

At its source, Love is eternal. Infinite. How long is forever And will you love me that long Does love last forever Could anyone love that strong How do you know that it's right When it's made just for you Will there be some kinda sign Or an omen or two To confirm your hearts … Continue reading Eternally Yours