Forever Love

I wanna be in love forever  Image courtesy of Is that even a possibility  Can I feel sparks when I see you  And when you see me  . Even when we're angry If that could ever be I'd still want to feel sparks Every time you'd look at me  . I wanna forever hold … Continue reading Forever Love

Thy Will

Looking for stability  In an unstable place Seeking for guidance  Yet seeking his face  Image courtesy of This nation of ours Has surely lost her way  So prayers must go up That the day may be saved • For judgment is upon us To reveal this heart of ours As we became an alter … Continue reading Thy Will

Stay go away

Sometimes, I don't want to be in your presence Cause I know there's good there I'll be immersed in your goodness Left gazing with a stare . of awe and wonder At a Father so fair Wishing and longing More to be there . Where you are Is a glorious splendid place I'll fight to … Continue reading Stay go away

The Prophet’s Cry

The cry of a prophet Has its weight in God's passion It cries loud and spares not Filled with fervor and compassion • "Take heed lest you die" For the warnings are brash The destruction they speak of Comes to past in a flash • Their cries can be bleak Yet always strong Carrying God's … Continue reading The Prophet’s Cry

Father and Me

I will take the old things And make them anew Providing many things Not merely a few . Like the morning dew I pursue Your grace anew I choose, To follow you dorothy’s page © 2020 D. E. Young