King of Kings

There's so much vastness To who I am Words aren't expansive Words never can Begin to do me justice Cannot begin to exclaim What makes me well known What brings me to fame For I am from everlasting to everlasting My reign never ends dorothy's page © 2018 Dorothy E. Young

It’s breakfast-y, right?

I can eat cake for breakfast Is it weird that I can do that Or do you wish that you had Thought of it first Instead of rehears ing what I'd bring A slice would be nice Maybe once or twice A week for I can repeat, or Have a nice slice of pie I … Continue reading It’s breakfast-y, right?

Almost there

The haunting of greatness, It won't let me rest In my spirit, become relaxed in my soul It won't stop till I get To place that I've set - goals Keeping me up late at night With my dreams I do fight But they dare not take flight Forever in my eye sight Ever present … Continue reading Almost there

Dancin’ pages

Rhymin' to His timin', I ain't skippin' a beat. He's runnin' this show, it ain't me It is He who's remindin' this That it's He who's timin' it is Time after time chimin' is Looking for wordin' and findin' His Way around these pages Droppin' wisdom like sages Doin' exactly what He say it is … Continue reading Dancin’ pages

Fantasy I’m in

You my man, my boo, my sheikh The one I stand under, the one who's protectin'me You're the sugar in my coffee The sweet in my tea Good to the last drop Oh taste and see You make my liver quiver My knees buckle too Oh how I love How you do what you do … Continue reading Fantasy I’m in