Around me

I wonder what he's like when he's around me I wonder what he'll be like when he finally sees that he has me all to himself will he put my heart on a shelf What else can I expect for myself From him being around me dorothy’spage © 2019 D. E. Young


The idea of you not being around it's come down to this now I can't think of a way to not think about you and how to somehow put us together in my mind some kind of way I'd like to stay But I can't see how this will work out Somehow dorothy’spage © 2019 … Continue reading Somehow

Close to you

The essence of you The nexus from view Who can fathom The likes of you Spending long nights With you Getting close to you Ever more to choose You as the one Once done With the cares of this world Eternally Close to you dorothy’spage © 2019 D. E. Young