If I could call to the future and bring it my way Then it wouldn't be tomorrow It would be here, it would be today dorothy’s page © 2019 D. E. Young


I shouldn’t

I write when I feel like it when I'm inspired I shouldn't write because I have to I'm too tired I shouldn't write cause I'm lonely afraid I won't be heard I should write to give voice to the spirit that stirs me and the ones who read it watch for work that preceeded it … Continue reading I shouldn’t

Breathe again

I'm here to help, not harm Sounding the alarm When you're in harm's way Keeping you safe From day to day Hear what I say Don't sway In indecisiveness Cause this Is a tool I use not to confuse But to bring clarity Display Charity So that there can be Peace in your mind So … Continue reading Breathe again

The Good Life

I love it when God endorses me Strengthens then reinforces me Bringing hope in a real place Each day I can now face Then re-place Sadness for gladness Doing away with the madness That stress can cause Cause I'm living my best life And it's real nice Not to think twice About protection I've learned … Continue reading The Good Life

Within Me

The creativity From my nativity Tends to be, Sporadic, At times dramatic Press Automatic cause I'm ecstatic with this habit, of writing lyrically whenever I see, A scene That SCREAMS For me To breathe life And to set free, Those things that be, Within me dorothy’s page © 2019 D. E. Young