The Handy Man

I noticed him through the window

Someone sitting in ‘my’ space

I entered in kinda timidly

I wasn’t sure how to embrace


This opportunity afforded me

How would I make my approach

I hadn’t seen him in quite some time

He’s sensitive, how would I broach


The subject matter at hand

Didn’t know how I’d feel

hadn’t been touched by another man

just didn’t seem really real


Slowly making my way towards him

I sat down, we gazed face to face

He began to touch my hand

At that moment my heart raced


In my chest pumping louder and louder

It probably skipped a beat

He softly whispered to me

Did you want to get your feet


Pampered we have

special on today

all mani-pedi two for one

We polish, you pay


Thank you for reading and following

dorothy’s page © 2022 D. E. Young


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