King of Kings

From anointing to crowning David's process was in between From killing Goliath and Hiding from Saul it seems . That being King was out of reach Just a word waiting to be fulfilled But God delivered on his promise Crowning David with his seal . Of approval His consent if you will A man after … Continue reading King of Kings

Tick Tock

Time is eternity on a leash At least That's how I see it From an eternal view There are a few Shades, no hues Even clues Of who we be Outside of eternity Let's see. . . Time unleashed The End dorothy’s page © 2020 D. E. Young


The part of my heart Redeemed from the start Only beats for you are the part, of me that started before the earth was formed Adorned with stars for chandeliers Tears That dripped from oceans' salt So we ought To praise you, Forevermore dorothy’s page © 2020 D. E. Young

Reflections of You

Will you teach me about love And what it really truly means Take me by the hand And show me how it seems That life deals us these cards That we all must ultimately play That we live by rules That seem to unfairly display Our weaknesses and flaws And unsightly, uncomely parts The ungodly … Continue reading Reflections of You

Seeing You

I love the newness of love The you-ness above Not just the flesh and blood of you The mixing of us mud of You do so many things to me Why can't I be near to you Did God choose to keep us apart for a reason Or just a season Giving time for us … Continue reading Seeing You