Little things

The smallest thing Can make the biggest impact The smaller it is In fact The more annoying Or enjoying It will be You'll see, Just be Sleeping under The ceiling fan And The ticking sound Can bring you down Or that extra text You know, the one next To the last one Before you fall … Continue reading Little things

The Lady

Graceful in her youth She carries herself well A lady of distinction Without a sign you can tell She takes no prisoners No junk and no mess She’ll confront your issues And won’t settle for less Than perfection in her profession She’s on top of her game Not a deadline missed No one can proclaim … Continue reading The Lady

He is worthy

Trusting his voice Is a choice We all make Each and every day To display Our belief in his word It's not absurd For he deserves Our worship For he is worth it Worthy is He dorothy’s page © 2019 D. E. Young

The redeemed

Redeemed by The Lamb Slain from the foundation For this nation Let all creation While earth groans For manifestation Of the sons of God To appear Draw those near That are dear To the Father's heart Let's restart Our hearts For we are the redeemed dorothy’s page © 2019 D. E. Young

Christmas day

Christmas is when I Get what I've prayed for, Stayed up late for Even prayed for What I see as peace As a piece of me joins my soul With thine By Devine Appointment It's meant That we've spent, Even sometimes lent Our lives to others That smothered Our insides out Pressed beyond measure Without … Continue reading Christmas day