Image courtesy of Pexels.com Where can I go to feel at home Where on earth can I roam When alone is all I've known • For some time now I see some don't know how To love from their hearts Or even how to start • A dialog of truth Genuinely from their roots, Their … Continue reading Homeless

All In our Favor

Image courtesy of Pexels.com The devil's always lurking Tryin' to start some mess Always in somebody's business  Always messing with the blessed  • Are the pure in heart  For they shall see God And with him on our side It makes no difference how hard • The enemy fights  Trying to knock us off our … Continue reading All In our Favor

No idea

Image courtesy of Pexels.com I had no idea you'd be in my life No idea there'd be such strife Just to see you is a chore I promised I'd try no more But I can't help but to seek you Attempt to be near and meet you Half way where our hearts go Our deep … Continue reading No idea

Praise makers

Rocks rocks rocks They'll cry if they have to If we won't give him praise The rocks will pursue  Image courtesy of Pexels.com His holy presence making  the atmosphere conducive  Ensuring his essence welcomed  Knowing he won't be illusive  • To our grasp of him As we seek his face daily Knowing with bold confidence  … Continue reading Praise makers