Spirit led

The fight is over The strife no longer Apart of the Struggle of the will To be still And allow The Father to lead To take heed To be led, instead, By his Spirit dorothy’spage © 2019 D. E. Young


When God begins to rebuild from the refining process, slowly yet surely, the old becomes new. Although what you see, That look, mirrored helpless and shattered Torn and bruised Image has been tattered Worn by the shame With no one to blame For God says the same To Him I lay claim To fame, and … Continue reading Restoration

Accept it

We all want to be accepted by our peers, co workers, etc. But we should never esteem acceptance to the point of compromise. I used to fear rejection. Now, I see that Rejection is a compliment That I ain't your type I so glamorized acceptance Bought into the hype That "belongs" are longings To fit … Continue reading Accept it

Friendless; The final episode

I'm tired of being alone Without having a true friend But it seems to be the norm It seems to be the trend For me every time But really I don't mind Cause I'd rather be *friendless If that's His will for me now I'm sure he'll make it up to me Someway, one day, … Continue reading Friendless; The final episode

Dreams escaped

Because the things your heart longs to see come to pass seem to linger - taking its own sweet time, your heart begins to lose hope. And you want to release the visions you have because crushed expectations are too painful to relive. It's easier on your heart that way. Or so you think. When … Continue reading Dreams escaped