Friendless; The final episode

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I’m tired of being alone
Without having a true friend
But it seems to be the norm
It seems to be the trend

For me every time
But really I don’t mind

Cause I’d rather be *friendless
If that’s His will for me now
I’m sure he’ll make it up to me
Someway, one day, somehow


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*see original post “Friendless pt. 2′

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10 thoughts on “Friendless; The final episode

  1. My mom always repeated the old saying, “To have a friend, you must be a friend.” Who did you reach out to today with a hug or a kind word or a smile? I know you did! Your heart shows in your words. There are folks out there who consider you their friend. Be the friend every person wishes they had!

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    1. I’ve given time and time again. Only to be betrayed, spurned and played for a fool. I give of my time, a listening ear when needed, do favors, curl hair, do their makeup, babysit while they travel to exotic places and never ask for anything in return. I have done for them what I’d want done for me. I do my part, they don’t.

      Maybe I’ve befriended the wrong people.

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