The chase

It's too much To discuss On paper The God chasers Who face daily To race maybe To catch a peek Of his glory To seek His Face And to embrace His will Quest still, We chase dorothy’spage © 2019 D. E. Young


Spirit led

The fight is over The strife no longer Apart of the Struggle of the will To be still And allow The Father to lead To take heed To be led, instead, By his Spirit dorothy’spage © 2019 D. E. Young

Saving of Me

. . .It hurts now to see What has really taken place That someone can rob you Right in your face Do it gladly And do it with a smile With a knife in one hand Knowing all the while "I'll get'em when they're sleep When their senses are off guard They're not able to … Continue reading Saving of Me


. . .Judgement comes When I refuse to believe What he said about a thing That is sure to deceive Mere mortals With just senses as guides He tried to tell Eve and Adam But they chose to decide To do it their way And test what he said Now we're all in a cycle … Continue reading Renewed

Faith vs. Reason

Faith vs. reason How’s that a fair fight For reason has to see While faith has not sight Of the present Just what’s promised to be Living by faith Has challenges you see Taste, touch, feel And logic are tools That reason uses So don’t be fooled When faith says don’t trust them For they … Continue reading Faith vs. Reason