On Second Thought

Image courtesy of Pexels.com If I wasn't your first thought   Don't even make me the last Don't give me a second thought  Attempting to live out some past  • Fantasy of old Days gone by if you will  Hoping to get your kicks in Hoping to get some kinda thrill • For the moment  … Continue reading On Second Thought

Not today

Image courtesy of Pexels.com The thief of my peace  I will not let him be I'll fight to the death Before he gets a piece of me • And my savior, Jesus is his name  For he alone fights for me He alone is the same • Both Yesterday, Today forevermore he does not change … Continue reading Not today

Three in 1

I am divided into 3 parts One holds my organs Another my heart of hearts What I sense and what I feel My thoughts and intent Sits in my soul if you will My spirit man The core of me Is related to the Father Who's a spirit you see All three makes me 1 … Continue reading Three in 1

Spirit Speech

Through Symbols and signs That's how Spirit speaks Words without language The way He reaches me ...and you too He shows us with images Mirrored to our memory Our past that image is Seared in our hearts For He knows where to start Revealing our pain So that we can be healed Restoring our health … Continue reading Spirit Speech

The chase

It's too much To discuss On paper The God chasers Who face daily To race maybe To catch a peek Of his glory To seek His Face And to embrace His will Quest still, We chase dorothy’spage © 2019 D. E. Young