Accept it

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We all want to be accepted by our peers, co workers, etc. But we should never esteem acceptance to the point of compromise.

I used to fear rejection. Now, I see that

Rejection is a compliment
That I ain’t your type
I so glamorized acceptance
Bought into the hype

That “belongs” are longings
To fit into
Thinking that I should be
One you’d get into

Being friends with
Go out to lunch, switch
Then go
Spend some time with

I on’t need non of that
As a matter of fact
It sounds kinda wack
That I would attack
Such a grievous act

Of refusal to accept me
So from now on I’ll cleave

To the one who made me
Who sacrificed and saved me

Yeah, I’m cool with it
I’m accepted in His beloved,
I’m schooled in it


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