Close to you

The essence of you The nexus from view Who can fathom The likes of you Spending long nights With you Getting close to you Ever more to choose You as the one Once done With the cares of this world Eternally Close to you dorothy’spage © 2019 D. E. Young

Friendly fire

Betrayal is a tool that's sometimes used Often leaving One schooled About Your enemy, nay friend Keeps you on your toes Quick on the draw Growing what you know About yourself And about God too What you're really made of Will flow out of you Pressed down shaken together And running overflowing Your bosom full … Continue reading Friendly fire


A life without God Is a life without Love For his is agape Which comes from above Yeah, the love of friends is great And from a lover too But there's no comparing Unconditionally true Agape, God type love That comes from God alone His Love is everlasting And stays when others' gone 🌾 Thank … Continue reading Loveless

Break point

I don't like playing games Can't stand the competition Going one against the other Doesn't quite fit in with My idea of fun Or having a good time I'd much rather have comrades Keep gaming second mind I like the friendship that's formed while playing on the c🎾urt Forget the letting, the netting And all … Continue reading Break point

Friendless; The final episode

I'm tired of being alone Without having a true friend But it seems to be the norm It seems to be the trend For me every time But really I don't mind Cause I'd rather be *friendless If that's His will for me now I'm sure he'll make it up to me Someway, one day, … Continue reading Friendless; The final episode