I Saw A Man

I saw a man the other day Didn't think he was coming my way I weaved a bit, I almost missed Then decided that I should stay Image courtesy of Pexels.com I saw a man the other day I wasn't sure if he'd pay He knew the cost For he's the boss Now I work … Continue reading I Saw A Man

Christmas day

Christmas is when I Get what I've prayed for, Stayed up late for Even prayed for What I see as peace As a piece of me joins my soul With thine By Devine Appointment It's meant That we've spent, Even sometimes lent Our lives to others That smothered Our insides out Pressed beyond measure Without … Continue reading Christmas day

The call

There's no way I can stay Away From the calling within Knowing where I've been And then To stay in this low place It's no place For the healthy Making room for the wealthy Places to live in Never give in To the temptations From nations and stations Of life Answer, The call dorothy’s page … Continue reading The call

Soulishly speaking

At times I surmise That I am a soul with eyes That spy the world around me has found me Absorbing every single entity into me The inner me, They enter me And it appears that over time Seeping into my Identity Creating soul ties That utilize My mind, will and emotions the notion That … Continue reading Soulishly speaking

The Father within

The Father in you Shines When I fall behind You divinely Refine And remind Me that I'm safe In this place No escape From your grace As I face Life's chastening I embrace, I face The music dorothy’spage © 2019 D. E. Young