No doubt you’re out
It’s all but the singing now
A few months ago
You couldn’t see how

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You’d get out of this mess
This hell if you please
It sure kept you in the closet
Prostrate or on your knees

It’s funny now
Something to laugh about
It wasn’t funny then
You just wanted out

Out of depression
Hopelessness and despair
Just the ability to live life
Without friction in the air

Strife and contention
Became a way of life
Who wants to live like that
Who would want to try

To explain the ambiguity
The confusion and the rest
Who would want to explain
This simulator, this test

Of your patience, temperance
Longsuffering and faith
To see the unseen
Before your face

Manifestation of the demonic
A display of sheer evil
Wickedness itself
Showing its face as he wills

Snuffed out too early
Or before his time
Who Am I to say
Oh, it’s Me, I started this rhyme

dorothy’s page © 2008 Dorothy E. Young

7 thoughts on “Inside

      1. I really do appreciate you Bill. You’ve been so generous with your support of my work. I just thought I’d let you know that.
        Have a great Tuesday morning.


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