As wise as a serpent
As harmless as a dove
With the body of a goddess
A gift of love

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My moves are succinct
Precision of a marksman
I hit the mark every time
So no use of you arguing

‘Bout my talent, or the skill
Of my game
I start out as the victor
Though winning ain’t the main

Gist of my goal
My purpose unexposed

To those in my view
This is not what I do

For my destiny as yet
Still, yet still unfolding
I only know in part
Only pieces I am showed

How to sharpen
Myself daily against iron
Ever ready for the task
Request or assignment

I show you what I got
Hoping you’ll let me in
I exchange yours for mine
So we both can win

Victory over darkness
Triumphant in the end
Conquerors on top
One struck out with one strike in

dorothy’s page © 2008 Dorothy E. Young

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