Away from the misery
Away from the strife
Away from the duties
And living of life

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Away from the chaos
Confusion and duress
Away from the pressures
Laden with stress

To take you down
To burden you in crisis
To blind you from his presence
To see what His life is

Like from His view
As a god on this earth
Not from this planet
But deity from birth

Kings and priests we are
Not slaves as some suppose
Away is a good idea
Especially for those

Who long to be with Him
In His heavenly array
Captured by his glory and majesty
Who’d want to get away

From the essence of a king
Ruling over all
Who can resist His summons
His whisper, His call

His invitation to enjoy
The strength of His arm
The wooing of His love
Who can resist His charm

Away in His presence
I long to be
Or have Him
Here with me

dorothy’s page © 2008 Dorothy E. Young

5 thoughts on “Away

  1. He fills the void.
    His charm I can’t resist
    Else my heart would break literally
    His embrace my heart aches for daily
    His face I want to see
    Even though not today
    But someday when my eyes close in a long goodnight
    Or when He cracks the sky open
    I’ll see Him who loves me

    Thanks for writing.
    You are good at it.

    Liked by 1 person

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