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I wrote this some time ago and find myself in the same spot today. Here goes. . .

Alone in this place
With no where to go
Alone in this place
Only Heaven knows

How long I will be here
In this lonely place
How long I must stay here
In this lonely state

Of confusion
Disarray and discontent
Wondering what’s next
What my life is meant

To really be like
Like what He intended
What it’s gonna be like
Who am I gonna end up with

When it’s all said and done
At the end of the day
Will I ever be starting over
Will I ever say

This is it now
I can take my rest
This is my destiny
This place is my nest

Where I blossom and grow
Into what I’m destined to be
Where I produce life’s harvest
God’s created for me

Lonely ain’t so bad
For it’s working for my good
When I move on from here
No more lonely in my neighborhood

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28 thoughts on “Solitude

      1. Dorothy, I so much appreciate our conversations. Tomorrow is not guaranteed. Is it?

        We simply need to engage, and communicate, and make this day…

        this day,

        The best it can be for us. And be receptive for whatever He has planned for us.


        I struggle so badly, with losing sight of what’s really important.

        This writing…

        The words in my verse…

        Are my struggle to make that right.

        Sorry for all the emotion…

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      2. No need to apologize. I appreciate your vulnerability. We should in the moment because that’s all we truly have. Moment by moment is what we need to practice living in. I’m working on it, and probably will be for the rest of my days. I must exercise patience and trust Him and His plan for my life in each and every moment. Thank you for sharing with me.

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      3. Yes…

        You Dorothy.

        Don’t you see?

        Don’t you see the impact of your ministry and testimony?

        Few would choose to tread the ground that you tread.

        But you,
        My friend,
        Are fearless…

        And so pure in your convictions.

        And for that,

        I am grateful.


        Keep doing what you do.

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      1. There’s Something so soothing and calming in worship. After a session of worship, I feel as if I’m floating, and just need to remain silent for the Following hour or two 🙂

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      2. You see how it’s hard to do? It gives me a hard time. I often need to control things, to make plan A, B, … Z just in case you know. We know God is in control, but still. Acceptance and surrender to His hand is Wise, yes. I wish you the best of luck, and know God will provide.

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  1. I understand completely Dorothy. I am in the exact same position. No place to be, even in the church. In my case I am dying. Gradually. Cancer. But yet no place wants me. Sad but true. But, I have learned to be alone, much as it hurts – and it DOES, and this last week has been horrible, as I have been pushed out if what was my church. So today is Sunday and I am left with no place to go (we are a small town) and I must be with Him alone. But this is how it has to be. So sad. But in the end we gain GOD. That is how I see it. You will find your way Dirothy. I knowwhere I am going to end up. But I pray for you that you find your place. I pray fir peace and comfort for you. We must stick together. God bless you Dorothy. Xx

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    1. I’d like for us both to find the good in our circumstances. I don’t mean ignore the reality of it. You’re right we can be alone with him, and that should suffice. However, he did say in the beginning, “it’s not good for man to be alone” and “forsake not to assemble with believers”. Now if he said that, he has a place for you to be with like minded lovers of God. You have a lot to offer and it would be a shame to lose out on the treasure that you are. I have an idea. Maybe there’s a place in your area where you can read to children; library, daycare etc. You are wanted. I want you. I believe children would want to hear those sweet poems of yours. I love them so; the flea stories make me laugh.
      There’s purpose in our pain, let’s focus in on it and get about our Fathers business. Thank you for your prayers. Here’s my prayer for you:
      Father, I thank you for this my precious sister, you made her in the likeness and image of you. You made no mistake when you brought her into this world. I pray that you order her steps to her purpose in this stage of her life. I know you’re not done with her cause she’s still here. Breath new life, new vision into her being now. In your son Jesus’s name I pray. Amen.
      We, as believers, just assembled. And you were not alone. I’m going to listen to worship service streaming on line. Maybe you can too. God has blessed you xx

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      1. Thankkyou so much for that lovely prayer Dorothy. I so agree with you that we were meant not to be alone. Sometimes it happens that way though. I read this lovely orayer yesterday but could not respond at the time, but was so toyched by it. I pray for you too dear Dorothy

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