Nothing's gonna happen to me now Till I've done what he's said My life is protected now Till my destiny's been feed Image courtesy of Completely to me  Not in parts but the entire whole Till I've completed my life's mission My assignment, my soul's • Purpose for being  Why he put me on … Continue reading Protected

Not today

Image courtesy of The thief of my peace  I will not let him be I'll fight to the death Before he gets a piece of me • And my savior, Jesus is his name  For he alone fights for me He alone is the same • Both Yesterday, Today forevermore he does not change … Continue reading Not today

Resting instead

Since He never sleeps let me go deep And not lose a wink Trying to think Of solutions Come to conclusions About my future Plans of good No evil shall befall me For he's called me To rest I confess I'm a mess In the head When I'm in bed But instead I will rest … Continue reading Resting instead


As wise as a serpent As harmless as a dove With the body of a goddess A gift of love My moves are succinct Precision of a marksman I hit the mark every time So no use of you arguing ‘Bout my talent, or the skill Of my game I start out as the victor … Continue reading Peaces


Pass the peace For my peeps to peep Prepare the props The place if you please Prosperity with possessions Position with praise Power with prestige Prominence that prevails Pleased with preference Precedence is preset No pest shall preclude Prepared to possess Property from port to port Pools in paradise Palaces with pillars of pearl Pivot, … Continue reading Favor