There’s nothing like time Like here or in space Time happens to all No matter the race Time comes and time goes Time past and future tense Who can say to Time Get thee hence It moves fast It moves slow Why is it taking so long Where did the time go It’s a place … Continue reading Time

Unthwarted thoughts

Your mind will have you Up one side and wrong the other Misconstruing a move of God Too late when you discover That you entered the wrong data Miscalculated what he said All because you misinterpreted What unhealed hurts have lead You to conclude With your mistrust and cynicism Looking at who God uses Potentially … Continue reading Unthwarted thoughts

Don’t say it

Did you know that you don't have to repeat Everything you think and feel Most times anyway it doesn't even appeal To the hearer So why say it Don't obey it Just because it entered In up here Bringing upsetness Into the atmosphere If you speak it you release it And that ain't good Keep … Continue reading Don’t say it

Rhyme Time

So, I'm not ready to go deep today. Cause I don't know what I should Write about today What do I have to offer What more can I say To offer solutions Maybe answers or a smile Something that brings comfort A little joy for a while Maybe just this thought Will be enough to … Continue reading Rhyme Time


I wrote this some time ago and find myself in the same spot today. Here goes. . . Alone in this place With no where to go Alone in this place Only Heaven knows How long I will be here In this lonely place How long I must stay here In this lonely state Of … Continue reading Solitude