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Ode to the Men

Today is International Mens Day. Men are recognized every year on November 19th. My hats off to the men who make our worlds go round from day to day. You are appreciated, honored and most of all respected. We don't say it or show it as much as we should, but know that you are … Continue reading Ode to the Men

Positively Speaking

I'm done with complaining! I'm sick of hearing myself talk about my load of junk. No more. I am done because Complain ing Is insane being Just a way to relieve stress To talk about what's mess ing with your head Taking up precious space Cluttering your thoughts Interrupting your dai ly confessions of speaking … Continue reading Positively Speaking

You Are Enough

I was thinking about this armless and legless man I saw some time ago on television. I thought it cruel of the creator to omit such necessary appendages from this man's body. From birth to present age, this man has never known the use of a limb. And we only have four. "Can a deformed … Continue reading You Are Enough