A bad day

Image courtesy of Pexels

Today was a bad day

At least from my point of you

I woke up, got dressed as usual

The normal things that people do


In preparing for their day

Got my phone and my keys

I’m heading out the door

Bumped my forehead; couldn’t see


the roof above me

You know, the one in the car

Got a ways down the road

But didn’t get far


Down the street; traffic, horrific

Way far above the norm

Even my usual short lane

Was crowded with some form


Of a wedding procession

Moving at a snails pace

The new receptionist isn’t working

So why’s she in this place


Of business full of shady characters

Who connive to survive

And their wit all gangster

You can see it in their eyes


Glance across the parking lot

Looking for a close space

Ended up on the last row

More frowns on my face


To face I came to be

With a colleague and/or peer

“We’ve lost several keys”, he said

“Do you have any here?”


We go again

Will this day ever end

Thank God it’s time to go

My poor soul needs to mend


Thank you for reading and following

dorothy’s page © 2022 D. E. Young

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