Image courtesy of Pexels I admire you for You’re so versatile  With so many of us  while . You change us Rearrange us . To fit into your plan And purpose in this world You choose methods and ways Diverse when unfurled  . Each life you deal with  Differently  With success still the result  We … Continue reading Tight


Image courtesy of Pexels The parent of my parent Is who you really are The grand to my mother One generation, not too far • From me to you There’s just one space Where my mother leaves off You take her place • In training me And exposing me to your ways With each visit … Continue reading Grandma’s


Image courtesy of Pexels What do you want  just tell me I’ll do it Whatever it is You’ll help me through it • I can’t do it anyway  Without your consent  It must be from you Or it will be a went • Out on my own And what “I thought” Not what you told … Continue reading Called

Fish Bait 🐠

Image courtesy of Pexels We’re all fish bait Trying to catch many fish We’re all fish bait Trying to do as he wishes 🐟 And swishing us around Dangling in the water Hoping to catch their attention Their appetite to start a 🐠 Hunger and a thirst for righteousness By which they might be filled … Continue reading Fish Bait 🐠

It’s Already Done

Image courtesy of Pexels When I speak to you in future It’s the past for me To me it’s already happened I’m just waiting for you to see What I’ve completed from foundation What I’ve created in time past What you’re seeing now, Is what was done last The first things happen last And the … Continue reading It’s Already Done