Within Me

The creativity From my nativity Tends to be, Sporadic, At times dramatic Press Automatic cause I'm ecstatic with this habit, of writing lyrically whenever I see, A scene That SCREAMS For me To breathe life And to set free, Those things that be, Within me dorothy’s page © 2019 D. E. Young


it's hard to say convey some days what you wanna say the way you see fit to hit the mark be smart when using few words just to be heard not obscure or demure to cure All of mankind But sometimes Saying nothing is louder dorothy’s page © 2019 Dorothy E. Young

Creating hyperlinks; a how-to

One of my fellow bloggers wanted to know how to create a hyperlink. So, I made a short tutorial. Whatcha think? Creating a hyperlink is easy. Follow this quick and easy example to give your post a 🤓 look. Just tap 🔗icon from the edit menu, paste the link and name it. That's it. You're … Continue reading Creating hyperlinks; a how-to

There’s no place like Home

I hope y'all are getting inspired To write about what you've read I don't mind if you copy Or imitate what's been said here on my blog To my page you did steer Maybe God ordered your steps Maybe He brought you here On dorothy'spage *dey's publishing, that's my site, I hope I've encouraged some … Continue reading There’s no place like Home

What’s in your wallet…

Since I cannot do it justice, I'll let the piece speak for itself. From riverlifepsalms1's blog *New Life in Christ Jesus, here is 'What's in your wallet...' https://wp.me/p7BKlv-2c6 *visit site of origin dorothy's page © 2019 Dorothy E. Young