Breakfast with God

As I scurried around Preparing for my day No time for lagging No time for delays My day was rushed With no time for food Not even a yogurt Or a bagel for fuel With a break in my morning I leapt at the chance I ran to the counter Seeking nourishment at last I … Continue reading Breakfast with God

Green means Go

Our bodies have purpose It functions as a tool Food's designed to sustain it To act as its fuel For our systems I mean Though it breaks it all down Pulling out the nutrients Excreting toxins in rounds Of number 1's and 2's That's usually how it's done Just between you and me It's not … Continue reading Green means Go

The Wonder of Fruit

Papaya, bananas, mangos, Blueberries, all kinds of fruit Your words have spoken them to earth for us to use them peaches and oranges and grapefruit with pulp With juices that flow Whenever they're crushed or squeezed just so sweet nector to the taste. Delectable and delicious Not one drop to waste You've made all of … Continue reading The Wonder of Fruit