Free like a bird Free like the wind To go as I wish To go as He sends Me for our wills Are the same now I must needs obey Not worry 'bout how He'll do it Just be glad that He will For He'll never forsake me For He promised to fill My life … Continue reading Fly

You talk, I’ll write

As long as You're talking to me I'm as happy as can be Just keep these lines coming Keep setting people free From bandage Heartache and life's woes Keep feeding us with Love Your essence, your flow Of wisdom, knowledge And the sort Keep us safe, sustained Don't let us abort Our purpose Our call … Continue reading You talk, I’ll write

Breaking free

Like Paul, I write from jail Sending messages to the saints To God I say "all hail" And to those who currently can't lift him up And give him all the praise To you I raise my cup For these are glory days of jubilee It's time to see men free To be what they're … Continue reading Breaking free