Free like a bird
Free like the wind
To go as I wish
To go as He sends

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Me for our wills
Are the same now
I must needs obey
Not worry ’bout how

He’ll do it
Just be glad that He will
For He’ll never forsake me
For He promised to fill

My life to the full
Until it overflows
A life of abundance
So the world will know

That God keeps His word
And He’s surely got your back
To fulfill his promises
He’s in no way slack

It may take a minute
To see where’s He’s going
What He’s doing with your life
What He means by the knowings

That He drops in your spirit
To strengthen you from time to time
To let you know
To assure you things will be fine

Just let him do what He does
For He does it best
Leave it up to Him
And He’ll do the rest

Of what He started in you life
For He knows how it will end
It’s good I’ll tell you that
Just ask my friend

She’s got proof
Of what He can do
For she’s riding prosperously
And so can you

Like a bird I said
I am free
Like the wind I am
Totally free

dorothy’s page © 2008 Dorothy E. Young

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