You set me in a place
Where I can’t see your face

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Your voice is vague
Hard to understand
Your guidance obscure
Where is your hand

Lost is where I feel
Where are you now
Have you left me here
For I don’t know how

To proceed from this place
Without your direction or plan
I didn’t start this mission
This vision, this stand

For righteousness, purity and hope
You came to me with the rope

For the sacrifice
You planned to make
Little did I know
I would partake

Of the offering myself
And be the one on the flames
Burnt up completely
No shame to remain

For you needed me
To give my all
Just as you did
When Christ answered the call

I’m here now to do your will
Do whatever you desire, for I’ll still

Be here for you
As you’ve been for me
Sacrifices don’t cry
Or long to be free

dorothy’s page © 2008 Dorothy E. Young

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