A Father’s heart

A Fathers heart, What more can I say It's rich in love And always on display He shows you his love By the things he provides His pockets ever open Generosity, he never hides He's there for good days The bad ones too Happy Father's Day gentlemen, This one's for you dorothy’s page © 2019 … Continue reading A Father’s heart

The Father within

The Father in you Shines When I fall behind You divinely Refine And remind Me that I'm safe In this place No escape From your grace As I face Life's chastening I embrace, I face The music dorothy’spage © 2019 D. E. Young

Redefined lines

Come unto me as children that's what he said humble yourselves before me that's what I read In His word It's not absurd To refer To our creator as Father For He disciplines us He's the best teacher Ever seeking, teaching us Refine us like new wine Everytime I wish to redefine My lines He … Continue reading Redefined lines

Daddy’s girl

My father's a god Does that make me a goddess I think that it should Since that's how it started His Daughter, His child As it were Spiritually speaking If that's how you prefer To see it No matter The key is To be related, To be kin, to Him dorothy's page © 2019 Dorothy … Continue reading Daddy’s girl

A daughter’s heart

I'm thankful that I've Made it this far harm free I'm grateful that you even Spoke to me For giving me the courtesy Of hearing my pleas For honoring my worship When I bow my knees I am forever grateful For the wisdom you've shared I'm thankful that you Always show how much you care … Continue reading A daughter’s heart