In Between World

There are so many facets to humans "being". The many layers of existing makes for a complex life at times. The physical place where we dwell is the easy part of who we are on this planet, in this galaxy, this world, this universe. There is no "in between" here in this realm. Either you're … Continue reading In Between World


I've just felt like writing today. It usually takes a lot for me to pen a poem. I must be inspired by a song, a beautiful image, a feeling or be in a blah kinda mood. Today is one of those days. Nothing super spiritual, nothing spectacular, just a girl writing about the memory of … Continue reading Him

Don’t Leave Me Here

Don't leave me here In this country this place Please don't leave me here In this desolate space. All cooped up With nowhere to blend All tied up With no place for send ing messages or getting calls No place to shout out loud Or to be heard at all I thought you had Better … Continue reading Don’t Leave Me Here