He is worthy

Trusting his voice Is a choice We all make Each and every day To display Our belief in his word It's not absurd For he deserves Our worship For he is worth it Worthy is He dorothy’s page © 2019 D. E. Young


My sanctuary The place in which I dwell My sanctuary Where all is well With my soul In this place With my Lord In this place Of solitude Serenity and grace Where I see my Father With open face A place of refuge And solace Comfort, safety And not less Than security Peace and full … Continue reading There


Since the man came first I'll let him do the leadin He's gotta love like Christ From a cross he'd be bleedin For me Take me by the heart Leading me to worship Each day he would start Out giving God thanks For new mercy that's given Adoring God's creation New life we'd be livin … Continue reading Adam

Your Creation

Look at what you’ve made It’s coming back to you Look at what you’ve made It’s looking up to you What you have created Is giving you the praise What you have created All the days Among the trees and the birds A sweet sound is heard From the voices of a one Who’s love … Continue reading Your Creation