Pink and Blue

I think i'mma dudette With dude-like tendencies Skew male if you prefer When referring to me I mean I cry at the right times Watching movies and at weddings Reading a greeting card Kid videos and when shedding The skin from onions Or whenever they're peeled But dress like Simone Cowell Only with it I … Continue reading Pink and Blue

Ode to the men

I'm glad imma girl I wouldn't want to be a guy I don't mean it in a bad way Let me tell you why I think men are strong And most courageous too They're there when needed For the most part it's true But it's more to them I think Just what I can't figure … Continue reading Ode to the men

Why You Haven’t Found “The One”. . .yet Recently I came across this video on my Twitter feed. I almost overlooked it as I've seen so many of these types of videos that I figured I had heard it all. Well, I was wrong. Dead wrong. I thought that since I couldn't develop long term relationships that I had a fear … Continue reading Why You Haven’t Found “The One”. . .yet

I’ve Met My Seinfeld

I think I'm in love with myself! You know, like Jerry Seinfeld? The female Jerry; Jeannie The girlfriend like himself I remember that episode She was Jerry in reverse He fell in love with himself Only she was a girl They had so much in common They even used the same words They'd respond simultaneously … Continue reading I’ve Met My Seinfeld

Tongues of Fire

Sometimes, God does drive-by's through my mouth. Maybe that's one of the reasons I'm Unwanted. Unbeknownst to me, he's getting into er'body's business during my conversations. Which is totally unfair to me. But, I gave him my life and told him to do with me what he pleased. I open my mouth and he speaks. … Continue reading Tongues of Fire