Secret Me

That piece of me That’s not like you Take it away And do what you do When you do that Thing that you do to Forgive to forget To release me from yet Another episode of me A crisis of be ing apart of this world Where truth is unfurled Revealed if you may So … Continue reading Secret Me

Timelines designed to refine

Have you ever had one of those days when every post from coast to coast is reading your mind? Am I the only one who's experienced this phenomenon? I mean it feels like At times when I read some posts It almost sounds like the Holy Ghost's Been stalking my friends Looking where I been … Continue reading Timelines designed to refine

Rehearsed verse

Sometimes I think this poetry, Using 2 and 3 syllable words, Seems so incredibly elementary And even a little absurd And maybe an insult To the readers intellect Too small in its message So easy to direct Attention to the end Of the lines rhythm Even a little predictable In its scheme at times And … Continue reading Rehearsed verse

Powerfully Speaking

Words have the power To shower you with joy or pain Words have the power To hurt you again And again they can heal Motivate you to feel Happy and sad Inspired and glad Hopeful for the future Or just make you mad Keep words to a minimum Speak words that bring life That bring … Continue reading Powerfully Speaking

Problem Solver

I bring solutions to problems. Sometimes you can be so close to the situation that you miss the tiniest of detail, which usually contains the answer. Just take a deep breath, be patient enough to separate substance from fluff and you'll find the solution staring right back atcha. But when my advice falls short, I … Continue reading Problem Solver