Own it. . . 2

. . .less nights to maintain What’s been gained Dow up Dow down Only God can sustain Image courtesy of Pexels.com That that He calls And wills to be your lot For He is the Father of wealth How you think that He got A cattle on a 1k hills And the gold-filled Isles Not … Continue reading Own it. . . 2

Own it

Wealth is not accomplishments Nor the abundance of things Proof of your inheritance Your value or mean Image courtesy of Pexels.com ing of your existence Your worth or who you are Your ability to produce A new house or new car You are not what you possess Nor the things to which you lay hold … Continue reading Own it


From my forefathers Like Abraham, Isaac and Jacob God passed wealth on to me So that I could take his Blessing to be a blessing To all the families of the earth With none born knowing poverty With no reason to rehearse The pain of lack The insufficiency it brings No hole in their sack … Continue reading Heirs

Well spent

Lend and not borrow All debts bring sorrow Do not fret cause tomorrow's Not promised anyway So live in this today, I should say That we gather in barns To store and disarm Lacks attack, Of our wallets extract Bills and more debt By tomorrow I'll bet You won't see what you bought With this … Continue reading Well spent