Is this a place for help Where you lend a hand Is this the place you help Where I’ve took a stand Is this where you come in And take over from here Is this where you begin And continue to steer The rest of the way That leads to the end Do you take … Continue reading When

Sulkingly speaking

Poetic expressions Of bought learned lessons What I get for messing With what God said, "Don't touch that Cause I'm saving it for later Don't put your hands on it See I've got something greater For you So much more in store So keep away from the windows And lock up your doors Keep your … Continue reading Sulkingly speaking

Hold please

The original, as seen from the photo, was altered to read like this: I tried calling God They put me on hold "He'll be with you shortly" Is what I was told Waiting can be frustrating Not knowing, irritating Nail-biting, nerve wrecking And genuinely, humiliating But don't step out on your own Thinking you know … Continue reading Hold please

Wait for It

I have all day. I have all of the time in the world. I pay no attention to calendars, dates or scheduled life milestones. What I do is essential to all of life's most sacred development. Without me, process would have no place in time. I am a much needed part of the process. I … Continue reading Wait for It