Just admit it Just tell the truth He knows anyway He’s just waiting for you To expose the lie The deception, the trick Hold back the truth, Darkness hits like a brick It starts small Like a ball in the snow Then it grows and grows And before you know It you’ve weaved a huge … Continue reading Confession

A New Heart

I wrote this a few weeks ago and forgot about it. Oh well, I hope you like it. I'm a different kind of creature Created from God's best cloth Marinated in his loving passion The blood of Jesus from his cross With humanity, he left his Divinity to see about you and me He came … Continue reading A New Heart

Honestly Speaking

I've never been wanted. Even when I was invited to come in. At first, I'm welcomed with open arms. Everyone wants to receive me and all that I have to offer. Then, it's too much to handle. I become too much. Always too much. Pretty soon everyone starts to avoid me. Ignore my presence in … Continue reading Honestly Speaking