Resting instead

Since He never sleeps let me go deep And not lose a wink Trying to think Of solutions Come to conclusions About my future Plans of good No evil shall befall me For he's called me To rest I confess I'm a mess In the head When I'm in bed But instead I will rest … Continue reading Resting instead

Trust Him

Don’t be afraid It won’t hurt you You can trust He won’t desert you It’s a good thing And won’t lead you astray Come join me You’ll like the way You’re out of control Of your circumstances Because He’s in charge And He doesn’t take chances With your future, Purpose or destiny As a matter … Continue reading Trust Him

3.2.1Quote me – Honesty and Truth

Thank you Bottomlesscoffee007 for the challenge nomination*. If you're not honest with yourself, how can you be truly honest with anyone else? ~ Paul Williams A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes. ~ Charles Spurgeon *opted out of the '3' in the 3.2.1🙂 dorothy's page … Continue reading 3.2.1Quote me – Honesty and Truth

Button me up

At times I'd like God to do me a Benjamin Button Turn my woes in reverse And all of a sudden Life would start anew My troubles would be few I'd be wiser in My youth Know lies From truths And trust God from The start By giving first My heart Again 🌾 Thank you … Continue reading Button me up